Parva Consulting recognized as one of the TOP 20 Best Companies for Generation Z

Parva Great Place to work 2024

In a constantly changing world, Parva Consulting has always responded by adapting seamlessly. At its core, the nature of our business requires us to continuously shape ourselves based on the needs of others, whether they are clients or our own employees. In both cases, Parva provides them with tools, skills, and opportunities for a continuous and sustainable growth, always in a climate of mutual trust and respect.

This approach has not gone unnoticed by our younger colleagues, who not only recognize and appreciate Parva’s efforts on topics such as well-being, flexibility, and corporate sustainability, but also contribute concretely to their daily implementation, increasingly becoming co-creators of a workplace environment designed for everyone.

This approach has not escaped the attention of Great Place to Work® either, which has awarded Parva Consulting as one of the best companies in the Italian landscape for Generation Z. The analyses by Great Place to Work® – a renowned research, technology, and organizational consulting company – were developed based on a pool of numerous companies and took into account the direct experience of their population born between 1998 and 2012. In this sense, the recognition received by Parva Consulting gains even more significance, as it was our young employees who shared their working experience and awarded us for our commitment to valuing our consultants and their potential.

At Parva Consulting, the complexity of the projects that follow one another every day is directly proportional to the simplicity and transparency with which professional relationships and collaborations are established. We believe that these factors – including and not limited to mutual support, encouragement for sharing, active listening, and a flat organizational structure – have shaped an inclusive and accessible work environment for everyone, where work flexibility and excellence not only coexist but complement each other.

The recognition from Great Place to Work® represents both a milestone and a springboard for Parva Consulting: our commitment is to continue adapting to the changes in the world, the market, and individual needs, while remaining firmly rooted in our values of respect, transparency, and excellence.

Parva Consulting Great Place to work 2024 – Deutschland

Parva Consulting, recognized as a top company for Gen Z from Great Place to Work, fosters sustainable growth, well-being, and flexibility.
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