Implementing a modern, common and global business solution in an international Loan & Leasing company

Making change happen

 Parva has supported a major international Loan and Leasing company in the transition from a model where each country has local solutions and processes in place towards a common global business model. The work included the:

  • design of a target user journey and customer journey;
  • migration towards a set of common IT solutions (ERP, accounting, credit, etc.);
  • assessment to ensure regulatory and full compliance to both local and global regulations;
  • creation of a new set of internal skills to enhance the company attitude towards future changes;
  • harmonisation of internal Policies and procedures.


The need

 The client is a Loan & Leasing company, part of an international automotive group. The company experienced growth during the last two decades through acquisitions in different countries/regions; as a consequence, today each country has  different product offerings, business models, procedures and IT platforms. The client felt the need to harmonize all these aspects throughout all countries served, in order to offer the same products and the same customer experience all over the world, increase the overall efficiency of the company, moving the focus from administration activities to an increased focus on sales, an improved the level of support and control provided by the central HQ and to build a common set of skills and capabilities.


A common vision and attitude

 One member of the client’s management team worked in the past with one of our managers; this gave us the opportunity to meet the client and introduce Parva values, experiences and competences. The shared vision regarding the priorities, the methodology and model we proposed to support the project as well as the strong client servicing attitude we showed during the first meetings convinced the client to choose us as partners along this journey.


The importance of a technical and targeted support

 We have supported the client with a dedicated senior Project Manager who implemented and managed a dedicated project governance structure, coordinating the relations and communications with the central HQ and with the external providers involved in the project.


This allowed our cleint to acheive:

 An improved communication with all project stakeholders (including senior management)

  • A more efficient and controlled use of internal capacity, consistent with ordinary business deadlines;
  • Better long term planning;
  • More focused and efficient meetings.

In order to help the client securing capacity of specific departments facing heavy workload pressure (e.g.: Finance and Accounting), we also provided the support of an experienced resource with a strong knowledge of specific regulatory, tax and accounting topics. This support allowed to keep internal resources focused on pressing business topics, leveraging Parva technical knowledge to support the project – always assuring a full alignment on significant decisions/steps forward.

“We achieved our ambition to shift the focus of this company from administration to sales”

Customer Statement

“We moved from decentralized and local focused company to a digital founded and market driven one”

Customer Statement

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