Securities & Fund Services

We operate with our clients in every area of the Securities Services sector – IT, Compliance, Tax, Sales, Legal, etc. – developing a functional and specific set of skills for the world of Operations.

We understand the full spectrum of characteristics and challenges of this sector: from Front to Back office environments – through the development of full look-through products for IBOR, ABOR and CBOR to the ongoing cost pressures facing service providers to provide more data and transformation in the constant pressure of client and regulatory demand.

We develop projects covering many areas of the industry, among them:

  • Market analysis and market entry strategy
  • RFP participation
  • Client onboarding/offboarding
  • Client service improvement
  • Core processes and TOM design
  • Revenue leakage
  • Transformation and Lean programs
  • Post merger integration
  • IT systems analysis and vendor selection
  • Design and set-up of new services/products
  • Impact of new regulation.



Asset Management

Securities & Fund

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