That’s why Parva is among the best consulting companies in Italy in the Forbes ranking

By Alessandro Viviani

Parva Consulting Services

Forbes Italy has included Parva among the 100 protagonists of the consultancy in Italy. Alessandro Viviani, founder and partner of Parva, comments on this recognition.

Parva Alessandro Viviani

Forbes has always been an authoritative and prestigious voice in describing the market performance and we are pleased that our entry into one of its rankings coincides with a moment of important growth for Parva Consulting. Moreover, considering that the list of Forbes Italia also includes law firms, compared to only fifteen companies focused on managerial consultancy, this news makes us particularly proud of what we are and what makes us unique.

We are in a phase of great evolution and expansion

Over the recent years, a path of growth has led us to radically expand our customer base, more than doubling the turnover and welcoming the contribution of content and contacts of other Partners – such as Stefano Moroni and Vincenzo Gagliardi -, to make the team up to the over 40 resources, highly specialised and able to work with clients of primary standing. Over the last few years, our needs have brought us to work on projects in Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Madrid and Dublin, where we just opened a new office in 2018 to strengthen our capacity to help operators in the financial services sector across Europe and enriching our set of skills and experiences.

We are a people business based on competence and commitment

We are a niche consulting company that operates in a limited market: our core is the ability to provide specialized skills, the attention that we dedicate to the quality of the team and the commitment to support our customers.

Parva is a people business: Fausto Santilli and me – and then the Partners who have joined us – have always defined two elements as the really critical ones for our future: the customers and the team. The key for us is always to find the right people – both when hiring and welcoming a new partner. The sharing of values, goals and fundamentals is essential for the excellence that customers recognize us and to share a coherent a message.

We focus on a quality team

We support the growth of the team through very strong investments in training: the 2019 training program foresee approximately 160 hours of training between sectoral content, Change & Project Management, English,etc and it is constantly evolving. The growth of resources is steadily managed through our Project Managers and Mentors and it foresees formal moments integrated by continuous informal feedabacks.

We look further and further away

In addition to allowing us to adequately serve a market taking an increasingly pan-European perspective in terms of legislation, business, projects and decision-making processes, the opening of the Irish office will allow our team to strengthen their professional and personal growth, thanks to the possibility of taking part in a greater number of international projects, to acquire skills that we currently don’t have in the Italian team and to become part of a reality, born in Italy, but that is becoming more and more European,  without losing our roots. In Ireland we found Stephen O’Brien: we would like to think even more broadly, but we know that bringing one new market to full speed – or maybe two – while maintaining annual growth rates in Italy of 20/25% is a challenge that will keep us going very busy for the next two or three year.

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