DORA – Strengthening the backbone of modern financial systems

DORA intends to impose higher transparency standards on investment firms, forcing them to provide more detailed and regular disclosures to regulatory agencies and investors.

Retail Investment Strategy

Retail Investment Strategy (RIS): the reform of the regulatory framework for retail customers

In 2020 the European Commission (EC) published a revised action plan of the initiative known as Capital Markets Union (CMU) with goal to increase the participation and confidence of retail investors in capital markets.

AIFMD Regulatory process

Towards AIFMD II, the ongoing legislative process: where are we?

Comprehensive timeline Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD). Legislative approval process & next steps: Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS & ITS)

Dora parva consulting services

DORA who? D.O.R.A. regulation.

Digital Operational Resilience Act DORA: gestione dei rischi, servizi TIC forniti da terze parti, monitoraggio incidenti, test di penetrazione basati su minacce

ESG green corporate governance

The role of governance in tackling environmental and social issues

Governance is the most important pillar of ESG. Explore the different ”ESG policy” approaches – centralised, decentralized and hybrid – and understand EFRAG standards

Parva consulting evolution advisory platforms

The evolution of advisory platforms

Exploring the Power of Advisory Platforms – Improve internal procedures and adopt automation to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in these 4 critical areas: 1.client onboarding 2.Model portfolio selection 3.Selection and Ranking of Target Financial Instruments 4.CRM&Dashboards

esg compilance

A practical four-step guide to ESG compliance

ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) refers to the three areas where businesses commit to ensuring compliance with particular measures and objectives to be attained over the course of a medium/long-term timeframe.

Max Renzulli parva consulting

Spotlight on Asset Management with Max Renzulli, Partner Parva

Max, you came to Parva after a long experience in Securities Services and Wealth Management: what were the most important projects you were involved in?

Italian Transfer Agency service

Three challenges to be considered when migrating an Italian Transfer Agency service

The continuous process of consolidation and evolution of the financial sector brings us more and more to support our clients in the management of operational efficiency, business integration and change of service provider.

Business Needs and Technological Paradigms

New business needs and technological paradigms: supporting the organisational Change of the IT department

As part of a renewal strategy of the operating model, the company decided to redefine the organizational structure of the Information Technology (IT) Department.

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